Pop Top Crafts

Create a Pop Top Crafts Kit

If you like, you can collect the following items to create a basic Pop Top Crafts supply kit before you get started:

Pop tops taken from the tops of canned beverages

Jumbo pop tops for buckles and extra large charms

Ribbon for decoration and to hold your accessories together. Collect in 5 widths: one-inch, half-inch, three-eighths-inch, quarter-inch and eighth-inch

Beads can be strung onto ribbon or sewn on with a needle and thread

Earring hooks for crafting dangly earrings

Elastic for headbands

Yarn needles make it easy to thread ribbon through tight spaces

Safety pins for cute corsages

Key rings for colorful key chains

Tape measure so you can determine the right length of ribbon needed

Scissors (fabric scissors work best on ribbon)

Clear nail polish or Fray Check to prevent ribbon from fraying

Tape to hold ribbon on work surface