Pop Top Crafts

Pop Top Crafting Tips

Fabric scissors work best when cutting ribbon.

Before beginning a project, coat ribbon tips with clear nail polish or seam sealant and let dry to make them easier to thread. When your accessory is finished, trim ends to your desired length and coat them again to prevent fraying.

Sometimes it’s easier to thread pop tops onto ribbon if you tape one end of your accessory to your work surface.

The two holes on a pop top are slightly different. One has smooth edges and the other is rough where it broke off from the can. You can make patterns in your accessories by alternating which side the smooth hole goes on.

In some designs, pop tops will need to be slid snugly together. Make patterns by alternating pop tops partially on top of then underneath the previous one.

If you run out of ribbon length mid-project, tie end to a new strand and continue following directions.

Experiment with materials in your home such as cords from shopping bag handles, old shoelaces or extra buttons.

Yarn, leather, stretch cord, embroidery thread, belting and hemp are all great materials to try with pop top accessories! Delicate materials such as lace and organdy ribbon may snag.