Pop Top Crafts


measuring tape, scissors, three-eighths-inch or half-inch wide ribbon and approxiamtely 10 pop tops

Step 1

Measure wrist. For a wrist smaller than 5 inches, cut ribbon 16 inches long. For a wrist larger than 5 inches, cut ribbon 22 inches long. You may want to coat ends with Fray Check or clear nail polish to prevent fraying while you work.

Step 2

Hold pop top horizontally, top side up and thread ribbon up through the right hole, “over easy” the midsection and down the left hole.

Step 3

Slide this first pop top close to the end of your length of ribbon, leaving a long enough free end to tie your accessory on (at least 3 inches).

Step 4

Hold another pop top upside down and horizontally and thread ribbon down through the right hole and up the left hole. Slide pop top partially under the other.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 and 4 until your accessory is the desired length.

Step 6

Tie on by tying ends together. Trim ends and coat with Fray Check/clear nail polish to prevent fraying if desired.